The storage prices represent pricing per storage term, not a monthly charge. Storage terms are defined as either the summer or a semester during the year. Note: prices also represent cost to ship.

Large Boxes are 18" x 18" x 24". Anything smaller is considered a Small Box, and anything larger is considered an XL Box.

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Storage Rates

Shipping Rates

Notes about Furniture

  • Any furniture not in a box is priced on site.

  • Bicycles should be boxed for protection.

  • Refrigerators are priced as if they were a corresponding-sized box. We will not accept refrigerators that have not been defrosted.

  • It is highly recommended for mattress shipping to wrap the mattress in plastic for protection.



  • Payment can be made in cash, check, or credit card.

  • Please make checks payable to "University Shipping and Storage."

How to Pack


Packing your boxes properly is an often overlooked aspect of moving. Here are a few key points that we recommend you follow to help ensure your belongings arrive as best as they can.


Choosing the Right Package

  • If possible, ship items in their original packaging. Computers and stereos especially travel best in factory boxes as they are fitted for those items. Often times the necessary cushioning is included in the box, ensuring proper protection.

  • Avoid using old beat-up boxes. These fail to offer the same amount of strength and protection that new boxes can provide.

Packing Properly

  • We strongly advise against trying to fit too many items in one box. This tends to compact things, and can lead to damage. In addition, as boxes are priced according to weight, you do not end up saving yourself money.

  • Also, be sure to evenly distribute the weight in each of your boxes. This will keep your belongings in better condition during transport. Use light items such as shirts and socks to fill in empty areas of your boxes. This will minimize movement of your packed contents.

  • Your boxes are transported by truck, and some shifting does occur during driving. If you are packing fragile items, wrap them in a shirt or other type of padding, to give them some cushioning.

  • Once you have packed your box, be sure to tape both top and bottom thoroughly. Also, a small strip of tape along each edge of your box can help. Be sure that when you pick up your boxes, the bottom does not open up due to insufficient taping.

Labeling Items

  • Label your boxes with your name, stop location ("Wheatley Plaza" etc), and an incremental item count (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4,etc.) on the top of every item you ship with us. Also include your dorm and room number. You should have at least your last name on each visible side of the box to aid in locating it on the truck.

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