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  • Is it possible for me to pay for my boxes when they arrive at their final destination?
    We ask that you pay either at the point of sale or via invoice soon after we pick up your items. This helps us to cover the cost of storage, truck rentals, and other operating costs and reduces confusion. We will have a Square reader with us at the time of pick up in case you want to pay with card. If you choose to pay later via invoice, you will receive it in your inbox. Lastly, although we do not prefer checks, please make any checks payable to "University Shipping and Storage."
  • Is University Shipping a legally-recognized business?
    Yes. University Shipping is fully incorporated as University Shipping & Storage 6, LLC. Few other student-run businesses meet this standard.
  • Are your storage units climate-controlled, secure, etc?
    The storage company we use is called Public Storage. It located nearby and is used by many Duke students to store their items for the summer. The location is secure with limited access and 24 hour surveillance cameras. The storage unit is not temperature controlled, but it is humidity controlled. We regularly store televisions, sound systems, and refrigerators there with no problems. Contact us if you have any questions about storage.
  • Do you accept items not packaged in boxes?
    University Shipping requests that all items be packaged in a strong, well-packed box. Certain exceptions can be made for items such as rugs, trunks, and refrigerators (refrigerators must be defrosted and cleaned prior to pickup). Boxes ensure the safety of your belongings, so it is in your best interest to pack you items well. Contact us if you have any questions about unboxed items. We WILL make exceptions for certain items, but for the sake of your containers, we HIGHLY recommend boxes.
  • How does pick-up work in the fall?
    University Shipping has designated certain locations that are central to our customer base. We schedule each of these stops for a fifteen minute window on one day during the pickup week. We arrive at each of the stops in a 26-foot Penske moving truck and collect your boxes. Then, once all our stops have been made, we drive the trucks down to Duke. The trucks are stored in a secure parking lot with security cameras and security officers watching over the trucks. Then, we re-organize your items and deliver your things to your dorm room or off-campus housing.
  • What if I can't be available for any of the designated pick-up times during spring move-out?
    University Shipping designates a three hour window each day during finals week to pick up items on East Campus, West Campus, and off-campus locations. Occasionally, students encounter circumstances which prevent them from being available for their scheduled pick-up time. In these cases, special arrangements can be made by contacting us at
  • Do you offer insurance on the items I'm shipping and/or storing?
    The shipping cargo is insured through our lease with the truck rental company. Therefore there is no need to charge an additional fee for insurance coverage, as it is already provided. The storage units are also insured for fire, flood, etc. through the Bader Company. They are the largest insurance provider for storage in the US. However, our insurance doesn't cover minor damage due to normal handling, damage due to improperly packed items, and/or damage to extremely fragile items. We ask that you please pack valuable items very carefully.
  • How do you determine the sizes of items that are shipped and/or stored?
    Most boxes are categorized as large boxes. The standard box which can be bought from a shipping or storage facility, about 1.5' x 1.5' x 2' in size, would be a large box. A way to help visualize this is to consider that most items that would require the assistance of someone else are extra large, if they could be handled by one person they would be large, and if they could be easily handled by one person, usually only with one hand, they would be small. As for duffels, as a general rule anything carry-on size or smaller would be classified as a small duffel, and anything larger would be considered a large duffel. At the time of pick up we will describe how we are pricing everything that you're shipping.
  • How should I label my shipping and storage items?
    Please make sure to include the student's name, delivery location, and an incremental item count (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4,etc.) on every item you ship with us.
  • Where can I find boxes to ship and/or store my things?
    University Shipping does not supply boxes to pack your belongings. However, you may find them at many local stores around the Durham area. You might first try purchasing them in the Marketplace's East Union store, or on West Campus in the Bryan Center. Local area businesses such as the UPS located in the Northgate Shopping Plaza and the Mail Boxes, Etc. on Hillandale Road also sell boxes. You might also try any local U-Haul or Ryder rental location, as well as any Public Storage site.
  • Can I have my boxes shipped to/from my home?
    Yes, University Shipping is happy to make home pickups depending on your location. An additional $80 fee will be charged on top of your box fees. Contact us to see if you are eligible for our home delivery service.
  • Will you pick up/deliver to my off-campus apartment or central campus apartment?
    Yes, University Shipping will deliver to off-campus locations and central campus, although typically later in the delivery window. Most housing surrounding East and West Campuses can be served during scheduled pick-up and drop-off times.
  • Can I have my fall shipping and summer storage boxes delivered at the same time?
    YES! We can arrange drop off such that your boxes that were stored over the summer are delivered at the same time as boxes that are shipped down in the fall.
  • Is there a size, weight, or number of boxes restriction for a shipping and/or storage order?
    No, there are no specific restrictions on box weight and size, although certain surcharges do apply. Please see our rates page for more information. We will ship as many items as you like, there is no limit to how much we can ship for you.
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