University Shipping is a student-owned, student-run business which services students all along the East Coast by offering the transportation of belongings to and from Duke, along with storage services over the summer and fall semesters for students from anywhere

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University Shipping and Storage is a student-owned, student-run business which offers summer, fall and spring semester storage for all Duke students. Additionally we service students all along the East Coast by offering the transportation of belongings to and from Duke.

We make two shipping runs each year, once in the fall and again in the spring, during University move-in and move-out days. 

University Shipping  and Storage will store items over the summer or, for students who are studying abroad, in the fall semester. We will drop off stored possessions at our customer's room in the fall or spring.

Your boxes are our business. We'd love to help you move your belongings to and from Duke. University Shipping will come to your dorm or apartment during finals week for move out, and deliver your items to your home or a convenient location nearby. We will also store them for the summer or fall study abroad semester and bring them to your new dorm or apartment when you return.

Why University Shipping and Storage? We are cheaper than the alternatives, and offer door to door service. We do not charge any late fees and are incredibly flexible. Because we are student run, we know what it's like to move out and can work with you along the way.

*University Shipping and Storage is in no way affiliated with Duke University or its associates. It is a company run independently by Duke University undergraduate students.


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